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Takealot - Purchased a wrong product - but can't exchange it

No resolution
Innocentia filed the complaint
8 November 2023
I bought a laptop from takealot for work. I was given a checklist but my knowledge of ICT issues are limited. I bought the laptop checking most boxes,. When I was ready to submit the laptop I realised that the warranty on box said 6months but when I bought it it was 24months. I returned the item and it was returned to me with the correction. I bought an additional warranty for 1yr extra because that was required.
Upon my submission to work they infomed me that there are 2issues which are not compliant, CPU and hard drive too small.
I have been since trying to return the item which Takealot is not able to assist me with.
The last phone call I had with them was that the can't log a return because they can't only accept returns if therei is a breakage or warranty issues or when I change mind on purchasing the item.

The thing is I am returning the time on different circumstances. Which is what I believe is human to make - buying a wrong item realisng it later and want to return it.
Takealot will not loose a sale because I still need to buy a laptop - it just needs to comply with ICT requirements.

Surely this item can be returned under an exception?
Every time I talk to them they promise to send emails but I do not get the emails, and their phones go dead half way through the call I made in the last two days.
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Incident date: 8 November 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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