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Takealot - Poor service, lack of management support

Awaiting reply
Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson filed the complaint
24 June 2024
I sent a warranty Philips coffee machine back, for repair, first return (April 2024), received it back in May 2024, as they checked it, and sent it back in pieces, electronics broken out, scratched and damaged, parts missing, so I sent it back in May 2024, and loan behold it has been 3 months and no machine. needless to say this is a 15K device.
I have requested management to call me (probably 20 times) Nothing! They are so disrespectful and high society, they do not speak to the clients. Every time I want a response or update I need to call in and find out what is happening, The lies you get told is unreal, courier has it, will call the warranty manager, warranty manager will call you back, I will check and call you back, Zero! Nothing!
In addition, in a 2 week period I sent back 8 items for poor quality, separate orders, and have another 5 to send back making this 13, still no response from Takealot. One of the items i purchased small barrel braai arrived broken, I had to ask for special delivery for a new one, they checked the broken one i sent back, 2 weeks wait, and worst part they credited me R75 short.
Incident date: 24 June 2024
Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson is awaiting for brand response
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