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Takealot - No delivery received, but shows i signed

No resolution
Janine Saville
Janine Saville filed the complaint
17 May 2022
My delivery was scheduled for today 16 May 2022, as per the SMS I received in the morning. When it got to 5pm already with no package received, I went to track my order only to find that it was "delivered" and FRAUDULENTLY signed by "me" at 10:22am, while I was AT WORK!!!! When calling the delivery team, you get automated response saying you can only be helped by completing a form and someone will get back to you I'm 72 hours. That's THREE DAYS for someone to look in to the fact that my package never reached me, but was "signed for" and then to be resolved WHEN?!?!?!?! The products I bought was done so for a REASON and I DONT have three days to wait for someone to get back to me. If you people can't do a proper vetting of who you employ then step up and do better! Because SOMEONE is sitting with a package i paid for!!!!!
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Incident date: 16 May 2022
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