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Takealot - No action to report of incorrect goods deliverd

No resolution
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson filed the complaint
9 June 2022
I ordered some products for express delivery for Monday. One of the products, though labelled correctly, was the incorrectly product. (round pots instead of square). To try an speed up getting the replacements, I phoned Takealot. After being on hold for exactly 8 minutes, I explained the problem, and was requested to sent photos of the product bar code and product, which I did on an email response to the request. Over the next 2 days all I got was a form letter saying thanks for your patience. I tried another call, but got no assistance at all, except to be told just use the site to do a return. Frustrated that there is no help coming from Takealot I eventually gave up and did the return on the site. Now, it is still in 'Return request being assessed by returns specialist team'.
So a product I paid extra money to get to me on Monday is in some Takealot limbo, and I have zero idea of when it will actually get to me, as the incorrect product has yet to be collected.
Incident date: 6 June 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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