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Takealot - Milnerton warehouse security racist and zero people skills

No resolution
Pieter Maree
Pieter Maree filed the complaint
5 February 2022
I went on my motorbike to collect stock from the warehouse.
The security asked for my mask and I replied stating I am wearing a FULL CLOSED helmet which is EVEN BETTER than a mask that does not cover everything. She told me it is not allowed and chased me out the building. I asked for her name and the company she works for and she refused to give it to me. Even her supervisor she called was not friendly at all. She then turned around and threatened to report me ?? How do you allow your security to threaten your customers ? I was treated like * FORBIDDEN * !! I was told to wait outside while they get permission from their superiors.. ( Incompetence )
She then complained about me wearing gloves even though I put my hands out to spray without issues ??
She made it very clear that she is a racist by the way she spoke to me and treated me as if I am a piece of * FORBIDDEN *.
I cannot even lay a complaint because Takealot only accepts emails with complaints ? Pathetic service and really not very professional. From the customer always being right to being threatened ???
I am speechless ....
Incident date: 5 February 2022
Pieter Maree
Pieter Maree rated the brand
7 March 2022

You have security guards threatening your clients. What do you think ?

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