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Takealot - Lies lies no assistance shit services

No resolution
Pranathan Govender
Pranathan Govender filed the complaint
29 June 2021
on the 6 Jun 2021 I ordered a Shoe from Takealot which was paid for at the same time , order was delivered on the 14th June and collected by my father , on the 19th i logged a return and requested a size up as they had sent me incorrect Size , 25th i got a message to collect , when I did it was the incorrect Size again , when i complained i spoke to many people who actually made me wait hours without responses , called the call center and they informed me that the correct size will be placed and i will get it by Saturday coming . I kept calling to be updated as Takealot does not keep their customers update and they assured me that the correct size has been requested . today i called again for a follow up only to be told now that my order had not been logged . i am waiting for a month now just for a simple request to be put through . i have had people hang up on me many times , i need help Takealot is giving me the run around and not being accountable for their actions . i am begging to speak to managers and no one is assisting me . They made me wait hours at their pick up points that to with customers coming in without masks so unprofessional
Incident date: 29 June 2021
Pranathan Govender
Pranathan Govender rated the brand
1 October 2021


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