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Takealot - Incorrect product supplied, with longer waiting time upon correction

No resolution
Shameek Rama
Shameek Rama filed the complaint
21 December 2021
I placed an order with Take-a-lot and went to pick it up today after taking off from work to collect.
Upon arriving at home, opening the product it was the wrong product. Called Take-a-lot and the best they can do to rectify this is schedule a pick up tomorrow from my house (Again need to arrange availability to have them correct their mistake). Take-a-lot will then take the products back to their warehousing for assessment and evaluation (which will take 2 days?) Then they will only be able to advise if they can resolve the issue or not, and if they can they will only be able to deliver it next week?
Why must we be inconvenienced for them to correct their mistakes?
I took today off from work to collect the product, now I have to take an additional 2 days, one for them to collect incorrect product, and another one for them to deliver the correct product.
This will mean I will have to take additional 2 days leave for them to rectify this, how will my time (especially being around the Christmas period) be re-imbursed.
Incident date: 21 December 2021
Shameek Rama
22 December 2021
Takealot said that they would give me feedback in 24 hours, its been more then 24 hours and still absolutely no feedback, this is really and truely disappointing.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

The answer is to stop buying from Takealot. I agree their customer service is terrible