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Takealot - Incorrect and damaged camera supplied to me is not being replaced

CLIVE SMITH filed the complaint
17 August 2023
I purchased and paid for an Insta360 camera including a tripod, selfie stick, lens protection cover and a SD card from Takealot on order number 46011518. The package was delivered on the 27th July and I picked it up on Sat the 29th July. Upon opening the parcel, I found that the camera that was in the box was badly damaged. I took a photo of the damages and laid a return claim straight away (ref MRRN-BZDJN-XWEZ). The parcel was immediately wrapped and returned to the delivery address to be shipped back to Takealot. A few days later I received a message saying that the claim was refused as the camera was not the same as what was shipped. I then looked at the photos I took of the damaged camera and saw that the camera model was not what I ordered, but when looking at the camera, it looks almost the same. I have never seen a 360 camera before so did not recognise that the wrong camera was supplied to me. Takealot then said that they will return the camera to me and I must lodge another claim indicating that the camera was 'not what was ordered'. That was done and I returned the damage camera back after lodging the second claim (ref MRRN-CW6R5-JXMW. I have just been informed this morning that my second claim has also been rejected. As far fetched as it sounds, it is obvious that the incorrect and damaged camera was packaged at the factory and shipped out to the supplier (which I believe was FOTOFIRST). When I first opened the box containing the camera, the original cellophane package etc was still intact so therefore I had no suspicions that the camera had been tampered with. What I did notice when I initially saw the damaged camera was that there was no broken glass from the damaged lenses in the packaging and that the original box was not crushed at all. It is also obviously clear that Takealot did not check the contents before shipping the camera to me and now I am left with the responsibility of trying to prove my innocence that I did not switch cameras. This is my first purchase with Takealot and will most definitely be the last if this is not resolved. For them to refuse this claim, they would have had to check the contents personally before shipping the items to the customer, which they obviously did not do. Is there any assistance that you can give me to resolve this issue.
Incident date: 29 July 2023
CLIVE SMITH rated the brand
31 August 2023

It took a long time to resolve, but eventually it was.

This complaint was considered resolved.
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