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Takealot - False advertising of dog "humane" bark/shock/training collars

No resolution
Nicole Pallet
Nicole Pallet filed the complaint
9 August 2022
I am disgusted by the false advertising posted on these unethical shock devices that get strapped around the necks of these poor innocent animals! The epidermis of a dog is 3 - 5 skin cells thick (a third thinner than that of humans). Imagine being shocked on the neck but worse every time you communicated! I am a qualified dog trainer and the 2 main reasons for dog barking are boredom (owners aren't giving the dog enough activities), anxiety (the dog has a fear of being left alone, or a fear of strangers/ dogs/ other animals entering their home). Shocking a dog is not going to get rid of boredom or anxiety/ fear. It will only cause a dog to shut down completely. These devices are unethical and inhumane and go against the South African Animal Protection Act! These devices are affecting the well-being of our pets. I have seen burn marks on dogs' necks from these shock collars! The shocks may stop the barking but then cause other anxious/ stress behaviors like licking paws until they bleed, digging holes, and chewing furniture. They can not be labeled as "humane" on your website, that is confusing for dog owners and completely false advertising! Better yet just stop selling this awful equipment!
Incident date: 9 August 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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