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Takealot - Factory manufacturer defective phones

No resolution
Lanre Beckley
Lanre Beckley filed the complaint
17 June 2022
i bought 2 Samsung Galaxy J4 Core in July and August 2021 (both phones still under warranty) i returned both phones because it has lines across the screens.. to my surprise the one with the worst lines was replaced and they refused to replace the second one, apparently the supplier claimed i dropped the phone which is a BIG FAT LIE, Takealot refuse to do anything about it. i sent them pictures and videos of the phone which has NO cracks or scratches on it. the both phones was well looked after. i sent Takealot a video (via FB and Twitter) of the phone which shows the lines appearing few seconds when u switch the phone on. if i had dropped the phone according to their fraudulent supplier the phone shouldn't be showing lines after few seconds of switching it on. it shouldn't show anything at all. Takealot returned my phone without thoroughly investigating my claim but to believe their fraud of a supplier over a paying customer. i demand justice fron this scam of a company called takealot
Incident date: 19 May 2022
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