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Takealot - Disgusted by service

No resolution
Alison Joubert
Alison Joubert filed the complaint
29 November 2021
I am absolutely fuming with Takealot, I have never received such disgusting service from them before, and I have used Takealot for many, many years. My order was scheduled for delivery on Saturday already, with no notification or anything, the order gets delayed, when I send Takealot TWO emails, nobody bothers to reply to the emails to tell me what is going on with my order. Only when I phone this morning do I get told it is an item delaying it, so I cancel the item, and still get told I have to wait 4 more days for my order to actually be delivered!!!!!!!! What a load of nonsense. Even better when I say I rather want the order refunded so I can just go to a shop and actually get the items I ordered, I get told that can;t be done. When I ask to speak to a manager, none can be found and I must wait for a call back, which I still haven't received. So apparently it is ok for a company to take your money and then do nothing but mess you around when trying to get your stuff. As it is I barely use Takealot anymore because all your items are basically 5 to 7 days to deliver. Your company is clearly deteriorating because this is not what they used to be.

What has made this whole situation even more upsetting for me is the earphones, that I stupidly chose to get from your company, was for my father that is sitting in ICU in a coma, and we wanted them to play music for him to hopefully wake him up somehow, now with your delay I can't even get them to him as all ICUs have been closed to visitors because of COVID. So now those headphones in particular are of no use to me at all, but your useless company after messing me around can't even be bothered to refund the order they screwed up on! I should have just gone to a normal shop and I wouldn't have had this problem at all, it is disgusting.
Incident date: 27 November 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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