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Takealot - Credit & refunds

Awaiting reply
Charles filed the complaint

Good day

I'm a bit disappointed with Takealot, I ordered a watch strap which I paid in full plus delivery. The supplier made a mistake and sent the wrong strap, you as takealot did credit my account but only for the strap, where is the rest of the money or are you going to pay for the next delivery for free. The watch strap was R299 and with delivery it was R60. Now you sent me an email saying there is no available stock and you credited my account but only with the R299 and not the full amount of R359. Who's fault is this? The supplier sent the wrong item and yet I'm the client who's losing on the deal. Will you please fix this

Order number is
Order #90005464
Ordered 3 Jul 2021Paid 3 Jul 2021

Please get back to me on this matter

Charles Muller

Charles is awaiting for brand response

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