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Supersonic - Unprofessional service from customer service (so called "supersmart techi's")

No resolution
Neel Scheepers
Neel Scheepers filed the complaint
18 February 2022
On Tuesday 15th Feb around 11AM my internet service suddenly stopped. I contacted Supersoning so called "Super Smart Techi's" for support. After a 40 min call and numerous time reboots and checking of my router serial number, I was told there was an area outage and people are on the way to fix it. At 13h00 I called again to track progress and went through all the steps again even though I told then that earlier I was told there was an outage, after 20 mins they told me its an area outage and dropped the call.

On Wednesday 16th Feb I called again and when I asked the agent if the area outage was resolved as I still did not have any internet access, she told me that there was no outage. I replied "so they just told me that just to get rid of me? " the agent laughed at me and thought it was a joke.

Thursday 4 calls later I still had no internet. Friday morning 8h15 I get told that Vumatel terminated my line on Tuesday and they cant see a reason why and had been escalated. I was promised it will be fixed before the end of the day Friday 18 Feb. I have no faith it will be done as I have been lied to so many times.
Incident date: 15 February 2022
Neel Scheepers
18 March 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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