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Supersonic - terrible!!!

No resolution
Radesh Padayachee
Radesh Padayachee filed the complaint
3 November 2021
Had several technical issues and response from the Call Centre is terrible. The Call Centre Agents have no level of technical or customer service experience. Asked for an escalation without response. The only response from a senior was when I issued a cancellation notice.
Was told that my cancellation request will be done by 31st October 2021. Got cancelled as per request but was sent a Claw Back amount that no one can explain. I have returned the Router and was on a month to month. Spoke to multiple people and guess what got multiple answers. Asked for an escalation and no one can tell me who to handles or is responsible for these actions.

This is the most atrocious service I have ever received from any service provider.

Please stay clear of Supersonic.
Incident date: 3 November 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

Hey, what did you do next? I'm dealing with the same issue as well.