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Supersonic - Bad service delivery, and bridge of contract

No resolution
Corbet chauke
Corbet chauke filed the complaint
24 May 2022
My system went offline on the 18/05/2022 , same time I called and reported the issue we tried to reconfigure the device in all attempts, we failed till line cutt off , no one phoned me ,till next day where I was told that they couldn't carry on due to load shedding, another agent tried to reconfigure again but no luck , I was told they will get back to me but no one returned to me , the next day came later in the afternoon I was told ticket just got loaded in thr afternoon Vodacome will send technician to assist, I waited the whole weekend no one called or anything, on Monday 23/05/2022 after 11h30 I called to check what's happening, I got message that vodacom is no longer coming and we must try to reconfigure again, what makes me angry is that no one bothered to let me know that no one is coming we gonna try to resolve problem over the , I had an indoor weekend hopping that agents will call and arrive, and even after a long time no one was planning to check up or update me with the progress, it's seen no one care what was happening, I use this service work so I can pay the service provider but for a week now I'm offline and I'm expected to pay full amount, so I decided to cancel the contract since I've passed the waiting period, this is not the 1st time I'm struggling with bad service provided from supersonic for the past 24 months every time their system go offline I have to complain in order to get assistance, it is never resolved without frustration and complaints, I don't advise anyone to subscribe with supersonic due to high bad service
Incident date: 18 May 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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