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Sunward Park Hospital - Service

No resolution
Kabelo filed the complaint
23 February 2022
I was admitted on 19/02/2022Maternity ward for C-section on the 3rd February 2022 came for appointment with my gyner then he told me to go inside the hospital to book for the bed, I went to reception lady was friendly helped me then she told me I have to pay R750 before being admitted then I told her I don't have I will come on the 17/02/2022 on my last appointment with the gyner to pay it then I didn't pay it I came on the 19/02/2022 for admission C-section had a baby Monday morning the was a white lady forgot the name came to the ward was busy checking babies hearing aid(ears)then she asked us with other mommies that did we paid R750 we said we didn't she told us we must go to reception to pay but because we didn't do 3D/4D scan will pay R550 instead of R750 we went to reception to make an payment then the receptionist (coloured lady) sorry to describe her with a skin told us it's R800 price has increased then I told her when because I was there on the 3rd February she said it was increased on the 15th and I was suppose to pay that R750 that day and the is no discount we must pay R800 then we told her that the lady said we must pay R550 she refused I paid and gave me the receipt and card that I will receive what and what the bag I will get it in the ward, yesterday I was discharged I asked for the bag they told me I must come other day to get the bag they don't have I called my fiance and explain the situation that the hospital it's not fair we paid R800 for a bag that includes samples on it the hospital never being honest with us and explained everything for us he told me to go to reception to request a refund if I don't get the bag I went the lady told me they don't keep bags at reception I must go back to maternity ward I went and asked for it because I was going to Pretoria I couldn't come this site for a bag they called whoever they called to bring the bag I waited until I got the bag,i wasnt happy with the service especially paying R800 only to get the bag with samples on it not happy at all I want my refund as my medical aid is covering for everything and also baby wasn't even immunised no baby birthcard service is poor and the food not nice we complaint with other mommies at the ward the Nurse told the lady who was giving us Food that she must tell the chef that mommies are complaining.

Thank you please attend to my matter.

Kabelo Ramahotsoa
Incident date: 21 February 2022
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