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Sun CIty - Sun city services issues

No resolution
Marisa Marais
Marisa Marais filed the complaint
15 December 2023
I am extremely disappointed in Sun City‘s service.
It literally took us 4 hours to be able to check in this afternoon into our accommodation due to “system” issues.
I was send back twice to come back to see when it’s up and running.
Wasting precious “holiday “ time (which is only 2 nights).

Then this evening just arriving at the Casino we couldn’t use the service as all systems down again. It’s been now for almost an hour.

Our room air con is not working; TV’s not working; WiFi not working.
Totally without any entertainment whatsoever.

I am a South African and not an overseas tourist who can afford long vacations at Sun City. We work hard for our money and you want to spend a long weekend with certain expectations as you can only afford it once or twice a year.
You then arrive at your holiday destination to just enjoy, but from the moment you arrive it’s one issue after the other.

We only have 2 nights to spend here and I booked 2 rooms for 2 nights.

This is unacceptable/ unfair service and definitely not worth what I paid for R12 000 for 2 nights with no service whatsoever.

Please advise on how this can be resolved.
Incident date: 15 December 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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