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Steers - Wrong order and bad management

No resolution
Waldo filed the complaint
29 September 2021
Total Wolmaransstad Steers. Extremely poor service. The restaurant doesn't have many of the products they are advertising (they didn't have a wacky Wednesday vegetarian burger or the amount of chicken burgers I requested). When I got to collect my order, I checked to see if they gave me the right order, but they gave me only Wacky Wednesday beef burgers, while I didn't order beef burgers. I then wanted to check the rest of the order, but the Steers employee took the order from me, informing me that it should be checked in the back. She then packed the whole order back on the order table and made me wait longer for my order. Later, she came back, informing me that she will give me 2 beef burgers and 2 chicken burgers. I then told her that I ordered and paid for 4 chicken burgers, and that I didn't order any beef burgers. She then told me that the restaurant only has 3 chicken fillets left, leaving me with no other option than to take 3 chicken burgers and one beef burger. I further saw that the Steers employees seemed confused about the orders, and I am sure that many other people who ordered got their orders mixed up. Steers in Wolmaransstad is a disgrace to Steers in South Africa. I am absolutely disgusted in Steers Wolmaransstad and I wouldn't recommend the place to any one. Rather try other restaurants in Wolmaransstad. Steers in Wolmaransstad creates a bad image of Steers. I would think again before I order at Steers again.
Incident date: 29 September 2021
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