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Steers - Steers selling ayikho online

No resolution
Kippie Ncube
Kippie Ncube filed the complaint
5 September 2021
Steers selling ayikho online.I placed an order through their online platform with reference number #55530011.The order was accepted and confirmed.Payment processed online.My order never arrived and only got a refund after waiting for my order for more than 40 minutes.What l find unfair and unprofessional is the fact that l have placed the same order online twice through the same Benmore Gardens branch and my order(s) where never declined with reference numbers #54082005 #54109583.How does my new order differ from my previous two orders which are similar and placed on aThursday.Is it because of staff incompetence or failure to understand principles of customer service - that a customer is King as Peter Drucker the management guru puts it or it's your online system that is failing you.

I had alot of respect of the Steers brand,which they have now lost as a result of staff or system incompetence - why does it have to be a consumer that has to pay or suffer for your staff or systems incompetence.Do not advertise products that are not available as you are misleading the public and your systems should not be processing payments on products that are not available .

It's a pity l had to miss my favorite meal and now l am compelled to source something similar from your competitors
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Incident date: 4 September 2021
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