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Steers - Steers bluff service shocking

No resolution
Bradley Grant Nel
Bradley Nel filed the complaint
2 July 2021
service absolutely shocking from Steers bluff manager ordered a meal and requested order be delivered even late no issue but hot. Meal delivered ice cold and missing one of the kids chips.

Took this up with driver he said no worries he will return shortly leaving with a R30 tip.

Never arrived????

Rather a phone call promising everything will get re delivered. Did not want this only what I asked for. But happy customer!

But no delivery

10 min later a call from a Indian woman Bluff branch manager. Remember a cold meal delivered and a R10 chips. Thought i would have someone trying to fix the problem on the other end rather I had a woman trying to argue with me as to why I'm wrong and the reason why my food was cold and the order was wrong was my fault. Service excellence was so great I could not bear it any further and cut the call. No refund no corrected order no call back.

And this is the service we get here locally it is absolute shocking to say the least. Business must be so great that you treat customers, paying customers like this. Is bad advertising and poor reviews not even a consequence? I own a service company and pride myself on the selfless service I give out and now know why we are so busy. Business owners giving authority to people who treat their customers like this is shocking to say the least.

Honestly I would never eat at Steers Bluff again. Not because of the food but because of the service.
Incident date: 2 July 2021
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