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Steers - Rudeness

Dezi filed the complaint
4 July 2021
I placed an order and waited patiently for the delivery guy to phone me. He did but it was just a missed call so I phoned him back but he ignored my call. I went to the gate and saw there was no one so I phoned again. Note I am ill and had to walk a bit to get to the gate. It's cold but I waited for another 10 min. I walked into my house for a couple of minutes before he phoned again with a missed call. I phoned him back asking if he is at the gate which he rudely replied 'No you didn't come out so I just left it.' I said excuse me but how can you just decide to leave it and I said I phoned twice but he didn't answer my call. I then phoned Steers, Montana Crossings and laid a complaint of utterly rudeness and arrogance and specifically asked I don't want the same driver. He phoned back a good few minutes later saying that he is at the gate. I went outside a second time feeling dizzy and horrible. I took delivery but told him he is the rudest I've ever come across and still gave him a tip but said I'm too nice not to give you a tip though you really don't deserve it.
Incident date: 4 July 2021
12 July 2021
No one phoned me up till now. Service sucka
Dezi rated the brand
9 August 2021

Never received feedback or a apology from the company. Just fed up with the mentality of this brand and not trying to keep customers happy so I closed the complaint. These people are useless!!

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