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Steers - Rotten and raw chicken!

No resolution
Lima Golf
Lima Golf filed the complaint
27 August 2021
COMPLAINT: I ordered a full chicken with large chips this evening from Steers, Canal walk through Mr. Delivery. The chicken is off! It smells disgusting and all over the house! Its actually rotten. We tried to eat a bit because we were so starved by the time it came and with no alternative and with pinched noses we attempted but could not. The chicken is also raw inside, I took pictures. I am actually going to formally report this to the health inspector because it could lead to food poisoning. Steers canal walk is shameless and utterely malicious by packing in expired chicken - taking advantage of the fact that we are not personally in store ordering. I am appalled!!!

UBEREATS ORDER: 26/08/2021 - Full chicken with large chips - R228 - ORDER #A80E7
Incident date: 26 August 2021
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