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Steers - Refund for double payement

No resolution
Xolile Mabaso
Xolile Mabaso filed the complaint
6 July 2022
I have a complaint about the steers highland, on the 1 June 2022 I placed an order , order#66921298 of which it was delived and there was an issues with the POS, that ended up changing me 2 payments.

I quired with steers they confirmed that I paid X2 and the confirmed that the money will be reversed that did not happen.

On the 7 June 2022 spoke to Valensha and she confirmed that both transaction went through and their bank will reversed it in 7 day, after 7 days still nothing.

On the 15 June 2022, I followed via whastapp and Valensha called me to inform me that the bank has reversed the money but it will take 10 day to refite on my account.

On the 29 June 2022, I followed up via whatsapp no reply and I made a phone call, off which lady by the name of Martha answered the phone, I was told the call centre lady Valensha was not in but there will follow up and call me back and that did not happen till I called back 4 hours later on the same day, I sked to speak to the manager/owner I told he is not in but will be coming in are 18:00, I ask if he can call me also that did not happen.

On the on the 5 July 2022, I follow up via whatsapp and no feedback.

Today the 6 July 2022, I followed up no feedback.

I need a way forward for me to get my refund back as I have been communicating with store and one is assist me.
Incident date: 6 July 2022
Xolile Mabaso
Xolile Mabaso rated the brand
30 August 2022

For the brand is fine it just specifica restorant that I have an issue with.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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