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Steers - Disgraceful service

No resolution
Chris Wagenaar
Chris Wagenaar filed the complaint
12 October 2021
Disgraceful Service

Steers Delivery Service
Steers Temisa branch called me to ask for address, which I had already entered on the website when I placed my order. Then the driver tells me that they cannot deliver my order as it is out of range, yet my office building is only 4kms from the Tembisa Steers branch. How can that be out of range??? Driver then tells me I need to order from Steers Kempton Park which is 9kms from me.

All of this after I had already paid for my order??? The Steers website now shows that my order has been delivered, but I haven't received it, nor have I received a refund!!!???

Extremely poor service! Shocking! I want my * FORBIDDEN * money back immediately! I will most certainly not be ordering from Steers EVER again! I will post this incident as a review on every social media platform available! This is utterly pathetic from a big brand such as Steers!

Steers Engen Tembisa
Incident date: 12 October 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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