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Steers - Disapointed

No resolution
taarika filed the complaint
10 August 2021
on the 9-08-2021 my husband and I decided to go to steers to get some ice cream, got to the cashier, didn't sanitize my hand nor did she sanitize her hands, requested my order went to side to wait for my order, she then assisted the next customer, no sanitization, accepted his money, she then went on to go my order done, after taking the previous customers money, SHE DID NOT SANITIZE AND WENT ON TO MAKE MY ORDER. Is this how STEERS STAFF FOLLOW PROTOCOL? DO YOU STILL UNDERSTAND THE VIRUS IS STILL AROUND????? i went further to complain to the manager and his response was "YOU KNOW TO SANITIZE ALL THE TIME IS QUIET ROUGH" maybe he hasn't lost family members to COVID-19. This is totally unacceptable- train your staff ---- the virus is still out there.
Incident date: 9 August 2021
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