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Lindiwe Mtsotso
Lindiwe Mtsotso filed the complaint
3 August 2023
My daughter and her friends went on a weekend away for 21st Birthday on on 30th June until 2nd July at Devonshire in Green Point Cape town booking was made under it comes up as 2 Bedroom Apartment , when they arrived to check in the Reception " Cathrene "explained the rules including the telling them they must not lock the door to their room as the door knob is faulty they should just lock the burglar gate ... agreed. When they made a booking they paid for accomodation including the extra cleaning fee of R500 and the amount of R2000 for breakage .there was no breakage , now problem my daughter has to get her money she's being told she has pay a fine for the noise , a noise whom she explained it was not who made a noise i even went there myself to find out from the security that was working that weekend whom also confirmed the noise that got out of hand was from another room next to my daughter . Now as i follow the trail of emails from this Koos Spangeburg telling my daughter she is not in position to ask for her money back until he settled the extra cleaning . I went to google their policies i can not find anything stating you being fined for making noise and you will charged extra money for cleaning services even though you paid the money for cleaning . I tried to call this guy on Tuesday to speak to him gave me attidute so now 2 things 1000 fine for noise that was not even them , secondly its the extra cleaning services.I will attach pictures he sent my daughter supposingly they at fault what i don''t understand did you expect them to the take the trash with them cause i can see its on the bins as for the door knob another thing I failed to understand allowing people to use a room that has faulty things and expect them to worry about it as if you doing them a favour by in that room they did not pay that room was all that dirty i went to look as mi picked them up on sunday .
Incident date: 3 August 2023
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