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Spar - Unfairly treatment - descrimination

No resolution
Jabulani Christopher Njilo
Jabulani Njilo filed the complaint
11 August 2022
my complain -not based on products however it based on Spar Dunbar -Cato Ridge where we were forced out by so called floor manager without any explanations , apparent we drove pass Spar -Cato Ridge in Dunbar to buy pain tablets as one of my daughter had a terrible headache when we reached the store my other daughter went inside store first while was looking for parking slot , I followed as soon as I find one parking and she was already on the que and I went at the back of the store to check if there was any fresh Spar made bread came after her and luckily there was fresh ones came after her I grab 2 loaf and rushed back to her before she paid and exchange the ones she has on her basket and she was number 2 on the que I went back to fetch some pack of chips and re-join the que and she was waiting behind the cashier waiting to give change to me so that I can pay for these 2 chips and go across into cigarettes' count as she tried to handle the change to me here the so called manager came forcefully and pointing finger to both of telling us to leave and grab these 2 pack from my hand and calling the security to remove us inside store without any explanation and without telling what have we done wrong ,security does as per his boss instruction to pulled us out without telling us the reason and without buying the pain tablets , my lil daughter cried and everybody inside store were shocked and we want justice.
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Incident date: 6 August 2022
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