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Spar - 68421

No resolution
Victor filed the complaint
30 November 2021 (edited on20 December 2021)
have experienced such rude customer service from Spar old Oak in Cape Town. ....I went to buy their full chicken and chips , to find one badly burnt chicken that they wanted to sell. I refused the chicken because the kitchen was still open and one of the kitchen staff ( the only gentleman) refused when his colleague asked him nicely to take out another chicken. He continuously refused for a good 10 - 15 minutes and whilst they we're debating about this I was still waiting. His words were clear" that he will be closing the kitchen cause he needs to be going home and there is a special at Tops ". Finally he put the chicken in the oven and some lady advised that it will take 20 minutes. All of this took an hour and 10 minutes. ....with no update as to what is going on .......just the staff members gossiping , swearing and making funny remarks about customers that were there to buy. ......I finally got my order and my next point after paying was to report this pathetic customer service to the manager. I reported all of this to the manager ....the manager specifically told me that if there chicken is not there it goes without saying that there is no longer chicken available .....All of this was said with an attitude. His name is Hennie, my concern is if he has such a bad attitude it explains why the staff knows nothing about customer service. .....the manager continued to accuse me of being dishonest about my complaint. I asked him what is the way forward with regards to my complaint and he advised that he is apologizing about the complaint ( attitude ) there is no way forward. Because I wanted to wait and they told him a different story and the more I explained to him about how I was treated by the staff is the more he was just dismissing my COMPLAINT.
Incident date: 30 October 2021
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