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Sol Plaatje Local Municipality - Blocked toilet/drain

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User filed the complaint
3 September 2021
I reported my blocked toilet/drain to Sol Plaatje Municipality Call Centre on 17 June and spoke with a guy named Joshua Rens but my toilet was attended to and I received an sms to say that my complaint/call has been resolved and again on 21 June I called an logged a complaint and spoke to Gladys she gave me reference number#275014 my complaint was never attended to.

A colleague of mine also reported my issue to the councillor of our area and was told that they would attend to my problem until my brother-in-law came with his friend who assisted to unblock the toilet because the smell was getting too much and water was flowing in the house.
Now again last week the drain/toilet started to leak water from outside and I reported it to Sol Plaatje Municipality but no assistance was given.
The whole week me and daughters had to endure a smell of drain to an extend we cant even leave the door open and the smell is coming into the house still and the greenish water is flowing towards the front door.
We cant even eat and we remain nauseated because of this smell and condoms are flowing in the yard which came through this drain.
Incident date: 17 June 2021
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