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Snatcher - Poor customer service and false advertising

No resolution
Farah Abrahams
Farah Abrahams filed the complaint
31 July 2023
On 21 Jul I ordered 2 Huggle Hoodies, order number 298051 I noticed that online retailers were selling a lesser quality Haggia Hoodie as Huggle. On 23 Jul I advised if Snatcher was also selling the Haggia to cancel the order. I got a ref 736955.On 24 Jul one Dorothy Maake emailed to confirm that it was the genuine Huggle. On 28 Jul, 2 Haggia Hoodies were delivered. I immediately contacted Snatcher and asked for arrangements to be made for collection. Today, the very person who confirmed genuine Huggles had the cheek to tell me I received what I ordered and if I wanted to return the items it would be at my expense and I would be liable for a 15% handling fee. This when I was clear if it was Haggia to cancel my order.
Incident date: 31 July 2023
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