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Snatcher - I want my refund

No resolution
Elaine De Bruyn
Elaine Bruyn filed the complaint
14 March 2024

Everyday,after i have to contact you, i get the same email,
Sorry for the inconvenience.....

Today marks the 10th business day of the timeframe given to pay MY refund. ( more than a month dealing with them, no product delivery, no refund)

I pray that whoever is in charge never has to lose the meat in their freezer due to continuous power failures or that they have to endure a heatwave with no means of relief.

I needed a generator desperately, and now i need my refund, everyday that i have to wait, is another day of struggling, because of SNATCHER.

I TRUSTED THIS COMPANY with my money, i trusted that i would receive decent service!

I am deeply disappointed.

Emails about how my matter has been escalated is not acceptable.
Give me real, honest answers!
Incident date: 14 March 2024
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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