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SMEG - Smeg kettle

Queen Makibi
Queen Makibi filed the complaint
20 April 2021
I have bought a Smeg kettle last year around end July.I just realised few months ago that it had a bubble around the top part of the kettle.My kettle is been gone for four weeks now and takealot's customer service is bad,i havent been contacted by anyone from takealot to inform me of what is happening with the kettle,i'm the one calling them for four weeks i've been told the seller hasnt responded or the seller only picked up the kettle now.I'm tired of the ran arounds.I have told them that i want my money so i can go buy the item elsewhere but i am not being assisted in anyway.They dont care about their customers its really shocking,i will never advise anyone to buy from them.I want my money i dont want stories.
Incident date: 20 April 2021
This complaint was considered resolved.
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