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Sanlam - Unapproved claim

No resolution
Sisanda Ncomanzi
Sisanda Ncomanzi filed the complaint
25 August 2023
Hello there

I was logging a claim at Sanlam on the 8th August 2023, the reply came saying that the claim was declined due to waiting period.

Firstly, I was not informed about the waiting period when I joined the cover in March 2023.

They said they will explain shortly why I was not paid but I didn't get that explanation

I had to go and make loan for my mother's funeral because the cover I was replying on, couldn't assist me.

I wish hellopeter to take this Matter seriously to their hands, and I need the money that I covered for, so that I will be able to payout the funeral debts. Please find the contract attached.
Incident date: 25 August 2023
Sisanda Ncomanzi
Sisanda Ncomanzi rated the brand
17 October 2023

Not reliable

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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