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Samsung - Samsung factory fault zfold

No resolution
Warren Roman
Warren Roman filed the complaint
12 October 2023
i got a Samsung zfold 3 on the 16the of december 2021. In 4 months time the phone screen started cracking. I sent the device in and it got fixed under warranty. Now this happened 5 times since I got this device. I must say Samsung need to up their game as not only the last time I've been told I'm a liar by their staff in edward street they expect me to fix my device and pay for it myself as the paint came off from the frame of the phone corners due to the cover that was used. The funny thing is another customers phone fell skew and her phone got fixed under warranty but mine that has never fallen. How fair is that then they tell me its okay go to the ombutsman I wont be the first. I hope i get help as our economy is already in the gutter and Samsung is no longer trustworthy.
Incident date: 12 October 2023
Warren Roman
Warren Roman rated the brand
1 February 2024

Im seriously selling all my samsung products and wish not to deal with them ever again after many tears of being a customer i will not buy any of their products again. Sporadic service and customer care by the tygervalley branch and technicians. Untrained and unprofessional staff that tells customers they are liars. I've had the best service at Samsung places in Dubai and New zealand but in my own country cape town south africa there are rude customer service people and i will not stop telling this story as i have evidence

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