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Rochester - Delivery charge

No resolution
Ulrich filed the complaint
18 November 2021
We went to the Rochester branch in the Grove mall on Lynwood. My wife was interested in the Pama Display Shelve that was on the floor for R689,00. The salesperson that assisted us, Innocence, informed us that they do not have stock in the store. The display unit was slightly damaged, and we did not want to take that one. Innocence checked on their system and told us that they do have stock in their Rosslyn warehouse. The options she gave us was that we can go pick the item up from the warehouse in Rosslyn ourselves, or that we can pay a delivery charge to have it delivered at the store in the Grove.

I told her that it is ridiculous because I am buying an item from the store, and surely cannot be responsible for the bill to get the stock from the warehouse to the store.

She told me that is how it works, take it or leave it. I obviously left it.

Surely this is not common practice? Or is it?

My wife really wanted the shelve. We went to the store to go buy it, but after this, I am not so sure,
Incident date: 18 November 2021
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