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Renault - Replacement of mirror

No resolution
Heila Letitia Jordaan
Heila Jordaan filed the complaint
24 April 2024
Renault Northcliff committed to replace the left side mirror of my Duster on 11th April 2024.
This was after I received and paid R11 432 to a fraudulent bank account on a quote emailed to me by this dealership. I subsequently opened a case at SAPS but was told to withdraw it after the investigating officer contacted the dealership, and was also informed that my mirror would be replaced free of charge and that their IT department were investigating the email and fraudulent account details.
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Incident date: 11 April 2024
Heila Letitia Jordaan
Heila Jordaan rated the brand
22 June 2024

Resolved amicably

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