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Renault - My car broke down on my way coming from service

Lillian Nkosi
Lillian Nkosi filed the complaint
16 October 2023
onthe 04/10/2023 on my way coming from Bethal for servicing my Renault Kwid, just when I passed Ermelo my car showed me red light and the bip, showing overheating. I stop and opeñ the bonnet. there was no water, the cap for water was not there likely it was stacked down not lost. truck drivers help with water then I manage to reach home. the following day I inform the garage. the manager told me to bring back the car when I got time. now water started to link more. I took it to Piet Retief Renault and advice me to talk to Bethal. I called them, the told me to call the road assistance to come and take the car. but they told me that they are authorised just to take car to the nearest dealer which is Piet Retief, they gave case number to give to Bethal which I did. The Bethal told me to organized myself for the car to reach them. for me to pay to towing the car to Bethal. I request him to talk to Renault in Piet Retief he told me they refused to help. I don't know what to do my car iy s stack there in town.
Incident date: 16 October 2023
Lillian Nkosi
30 October 2023
How can the complain be resolved without being attended to. Still awaiting for the response from the dealer, but never hot one. How I be satisfied. Not even one try to contact me find out what really happened. The Eastvaal Renault garage are telling me that the gasket blew due to overheating because of wear and tear issues. I never had a ant problem with the car before taking it for routine service. From the start Eastvaal Renault garage is the one I used for servicing my car. This complaint book is not helping at all, now they are telling that my car issue is resolved, where as I being paying for it to be fixed. Because they told me that they are not reliable to the problem of their negligent of not closing properly the cap water.
Lillian Nkosi
30 October 2023
Is there anyone who got help from this complaint book, I wish to know because I was told that my complaint was resolved while I was still awaiting for the response from the Renault dealer. How can I be satisfied with this?
Lillian Nkosi
Lillian Nkosi rated the brand
6 November 2023

Not even one respond from the brand, never attended my complaints. Still awaiting for the response.

This complaint was considered resolved.
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