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Renault - Manufacturer's fault

No resolution
ZANELE MANYONI filed the complaint
27 September 2023
May I please get help, I bought a Renault Triber in December 2022 and it kept having brake problems. I took it to a dealership they fixed it and now Monday 18/09/2023 the water was boiling coming under the Bonnet, the cluster doesn't work, funny sound in the bonnet, I phoned the number in the Yellow maintenance booklet, then they came and towed the car from where I was to the Renault in Midrand where a lady named Nelly assisted me with what is happening.

My problem is that she now tells me that they found the problem only 3 days after it went in for a diagnosis, told me they ordered the replacement part and it will only be delivered on Tuesday 26/09/2023, I was going to a wedding on Saturday as I had planned with my family. Now I have no car I have missed my sister's wedding because of the manufacturer's fault, and Renault does not even take responsibility for giving me a Courtesy car as this was not my fault.

Today it's Tuesday 26/09/2023 and nobody corresponds to my emails and the Nelly I spoke to now ignores my calls, I spoke to a lady today named Nomvula from Nissan and she also tried to find out what was wrong from a manager, she told me she suspects there is a lot that needs to be replaced /broken in that car and she said they will order the part Tue 26/09/2023 to be delivered on Wed, then the part will be installed on Thurs, if all goes well I will get it then.

The car is only 10,000 km, not even a year old nor gone for the first service but it has too many issues, still under warranty. I am so angry that nobody tells me anything yet a debit order went off, for a car I do not have.

Can you please help me get to the bottom of all this, because one cannot replace a water bottle for almost 2 weeks and if there is something else they must say it so that I can go get my money back. I would really appreciate any help or advice because I have been there before with my other Renault car key card that took 3 months to be delivered.
Incident date: 27 September 2023
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