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Pick n Pay - Very very bad customer service

No resolution
Candice Davey
Candice Davey filed the complaint
26 August 2021
I am so distraught and angry with the despicable service I received from PnP Goodwood. I have always had very good relationships with the staff at my Pnp which is based in Goodwood, Especially a supervisor by the name of Regina. She is always pleasant, friendly, and very helpful which drew me to make this my NO 1 family store. I shop so much at this particular store that I got a 50% voucher which would have expired on 25/08/2021. I saved this voucher particularly for my mth end shopping as that's when I make my bulk purchases. Yesterday, I left work, Excited that I would be able to finally use my voucher. I rushed from work through hectic traffic, Glad that I arrived at the store at exactly 17:47. I am very well aware that the store closes at 18:00, So I was taken aback when I was declined access by security to enter the store when the store wasn't full and there was no long line. I tried to reason with the security and explain that it was imperative that I Get in, as my voucher expires on the 25th. He refused point-blank and refused to call a manager. I was so dishearted here I'm standing outside with my 2years son before closing time, and I am refused entry and it wasn't even closing time as yet. Nevertheless, to say, I took it in my stride and returned to the store today and went to see the Store Manager on duty, to see if he could assist me with my predicament. Nicolas Van Wyk,(Store Manager ) dismissed my inquiry even though I had the voucher and told me straight that he wasn't on duty yesterday, so it isn't his problem. I am Outraged by this type of service, He blatantly disregarded my inquiry and didn't even attempt to take ownership or even assist me. I am very very upset and would like this matter looked into. It wasn't my fault that the store closed before its closing time that impacted me using my voucher, As a Manager myself for an International company, I am shocked with the non-service displayed by management themselves. Management clearly needs customer service training and people skills training. I am appalled at the lack of ownership and interest that that Store manager displayed and didn't even attempt further assistance. I'm hoping by writing this complaint, the issue can be addressed.
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Incident date: 25 August 2021
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