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Pick n Pay1.5
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Pick n Pay - Very bad service

No resolution
lameez Buffkins
lameez Buffkins filed the complaint
8 June 2022
on the 7 june 2022 @ 16:15 i placed an order on pick n pay ASAP.I came home at 17;00 but my order never arrived i called customer service and complain the lady said she would call me back ASAP but that never happen.I looked on the app and the driver was waiting at the store.I called customer service again and they were out of office how bad is that.i called Pick n pay observatory the lady was so kind to call rondebosch and call me back. By that time it was after 18:00 already.I went back on the app and than their was another driver driving comimg from Waterfrond the app said he will be with you soon.But when i went back on the app it said your driver deliverd you order that was19:07 hence i did not received my order at all.They deducted money from my aacount no groceries was deliverd and use all my minutes on phone calls to the call centre but no help.I called twice this morning holdinf on for 10min just so the so called team leader just said sorry for the inconvenience WTF.Service is * FORBIDDEN * very dissapointed........
Incident date: 7 June 2022
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