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Pick n Pay - Unhappy customer experience

No resolution
Teven filed the complaint
7 September 2021
I Cannot count the number of Times The pricing on the Shelve differs from the Price scanned - we then have to Walk all the way to where the product is packed remove the Price tag and bring it to the Cashier - No Help is offered in going to check the Price ( this is a waste of time) then there are always excuses - This promo hasn't Started yet or Its not for This One - Always an Excuses and i think i have Had enough - Today we bought Shower Gel NIVA which is Boldly Advertised for R42.99 i took 2 it was charged out at R62.99 - when we go to the Person sitting in the office section who doesn't seem to arrive - No Manager On Duty - Well Duncan the Manager is never ever to be seen - I am Sure he managers that Store from the Back - Well we didn't get it for the advertised price. We Paid what the scanner Rang up. If the service at PNP is not really Service - No One there Seem's to Care about the Customer in All honesty that's my Take - I would just like for someone doing the Stats to check ( Has basket sale increase LY vs TY) Has feet Dropped Ave spend per Customer The usage of the PNP card has that Increased - i am asking as this is concerning to me these are the first Things i look into at my Business after contacting an Upset Customer - What is my Stats telling - has this Branch Declined in promo Lines are they measured by Price Overrides i am sure there is a system to override but then it would come with a report as to why and i think thats what they avoid ( To Much Admin ) so they rather have an upset customer than retain repetitive business. Look i am not banking on Anyone getting back to me if the contact center Service resembles the shopping experience.
Incident date: 7 September 2021
Teven rated the brand
28 October 2021

same as the Branch this was never attended to NO One called me Nothing.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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