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Pick n Pay - Teller attitude

No resolution
Cidat Miller
Cidat Miller filed the complaint
16 August 2021
In vrededorp at the Garage, there is a Pick'nPay I must honestly say whenever a person gets there the ladies (Cashiers) always have attitudes. On Saturday putting petrol, the atm was not working and I decided to take a cashback at the till the lady assisting me said I must first buy something and I advised no I don't want to buy just want my cash back when she processed it I noticed that she charged me for a carrier bag 0.80 then i had to correct her again when she rudely assisted me. The ladies at this Pick 'n Pay has no way to speak to customers and it is always an effort for them to assist a person. There was a gentleman that came in with a bunch of change R2 & R5 requesting a note for the change when Lungelo told the gentleman due to COVID they dont take that money. like really do they not want business?
Incident date: 15 August 2021
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