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Pick n Pay - Shelftalker on the shelf

Moahlodi Samuel
Moahlodi Samuel filed the complaint
8 August 2021
I went to pick n pay Greenstone shopping center to do shopping and I took a dishwashing liquid and sensodyne multicare twinpack on the shelf sensodyne the price was R28. 99 and at the till points it shows R61. 99,the supervisor was called to verify, I go with her(Sarah) and she saw wat I am talking about but she told me different stories of other customer might put it there, though they where three under the R28. 99 and she refused to give me the product with the price I saw on the still unhappy
Please help
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Incident date: 8 August 2021
Moahlodi Samuel
1 September 2021
A lady from pick n pay called 2 weeks back and promised to get back to me but she never did
Moahlodi Samuel
Moahlodi Samuel rated the brand
16 September 2021

They didn't follow the CPA rules of the price you saw is the price you pay and the decision against the supervisor, I have the right to know

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