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Pick n Pay - Promotion

No resolution
Tshepiso Yvette
Tshepiso Yvette filed the complaint
17 September 2021
I saw a promotion on Facebook about 2x6 Bernini cider which is priced at R124.00 but when I got to the store at Highveld mall liquor the cashier called for assistance as the price was not the same as on Facebook so this guy by the name of Bafana came and instead of addressing me in a polite manner he kept on telling me that this is "his store" and he knows nothing about the promotion and he was reduce the price for me and that if I have a problem I should go inside the store and look for a manager to attend to me as he is still on his lunch. I have never met such an arrogant and rude person. I was told that I must call Facebook to rectify the price as I saw it there not inside the store. The promotion is valid till 19/09/21
Incident date: 17 September 2021
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