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Pick n Pay - Pnp blocked me everywhere!

Awaiting reply
Marianne Gao filed the complaint

Been trying to do online shopping, for a few days now.
The PnP site has this funky coding page, instead of the normal page where you do shopping.

I tried going onto their online shopping, on 2 different phones of mine (Samsung S8+ & S10+) and my brand new Gaming Laptop...nothing works.
Wish i could show you...
I do online shopping each and every month...its not like i dunno how.

I have actually now created a new profile, using a different name, surname and email address.

Once i logged in with it on the online shopping site mentioned in my first post, suddenly i can access the site/page.

But as soon as i logged out of that account and used my old account, then suddenly i get the "coding page" again...where you can’t do or see anything on the PnP shopping page.

Uhm...i wonder why...?

Did PnP actually block me from doing online shopping with them?
My orders, i think are never less than R5,000 a month!
Is it cuz their delivery services has been up to shaait and i complain each time...?
Cuz my daughter always have to help the 1 man they send to delivery R5,000 + goods to be delivered to my Unit on the 3rd floor. She has to help him carry all the crates from the truck, up to my Unit on the third floor!!!

They expect 1 man to do all that and then i still need to count everything and double check, before he can go. And how long does that take?
I have much better things to do in that time!

They blocked me now cuz im a person that actually speak my mind and says when a company is taking you for a ride or want to fu#k you in the ear...

Looks like ill now have to get the Consumer Board involved.

Let’s see...watch this space!

I’m so lucky to be a Computer Programmer in 2 languages...hahaha
So i can read it...

Even my phone number is blocked on the "Customer Care Line"...wow!
Marianne Gao is awaiting for brand response

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