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Pick n Pay - Pick n pay glen balad mall useless service

Keegan Rohland
Keegan Rohland filed the complaint
27 August 2021
The PicknPay at Glen Balad mall in Kempton Park is honestly letting your whole brand down, I used to think PicknPay did things right till I went to Glen Balad.

I have bought a 553ml Monster can from this place more than once and on almost every occasion it fizzes and I lose most of the liquid and what's left is then flat. On top of that 9 times out of 10 the pricing that is on the shelf is wrong and then when scanned at till you get charged a completely different price than what was displayed.
On top of all that there are pies that they sell which are either too old or have been sitting in the warmer draw for to long, have addressed these issues more than once yet here we are.

Most of these issues can be sorted out in the morning before the shop opens, hence my frustration here. I don't feel I am asking for much, all I would like is a drink that i can actually have in the form that it is meant to be had (NOT FLAT AND WHATEVER ELSE) and for the correct pricing to be displayed. That is all I would like, oh and one more thing. The attitude of the staff should maybe also be looked at, because I'm tired of asking people how they are and getting no response in return, sometimes not even a hello.

I sincerely hope I hear back from you, otherwise I will have to make a plan to see somebody regarding this, because the PicknPay in Glen Balad just said I must write a note and that's all.
Incident date: 27 August 2021
Keegan Rohland
Keegan Rohland rated the brand
31 August 2021

Nothing to say.

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