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Pick n Pay - Fraudulent manager

No resolution
Gerrit Olivier
Gerrit Olivier filed the complaint
15 August 2021
When redeeming a voucher for goods (from Simba) which isn't outdated (valid until August 2024) and in black and white says it is redeemable at pick n pay stores, the manager (Alex Jacobs) at Fleurdal Pick and Pay was asked to attend to us. She then said they received an e-mail to not allow the use of voucher and that she could print it and show it to me. When I then replied that she should so I can contact Simba about the voucher not being redeemable she went to the office area and further refused to come out or assist me for more than thirty minutes. This is totally unacceptable and fraudulent behaviour of management level staff of a Nation wide brand corporation.
Incident date: 15 August 2021
Gerrit Olivier
30 August 2021
No action taken or feedback given shows the way PnP brand handles it's customers. Had no problems at Spar and Checkers with similar vouchers.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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