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Pick n Pay - Failure to resolve missing items complaint

No resolution
LELANIE BAXTER filed the complaint
26 September 2023
REF: 925077
I am writing to draw your immediate attention to a serious issue with my recent online order, #0026459670. I am deeply dissatisfied and disappointed with the service I have received.

The primary issue I wish to highlight is the missing and incorrect of items in my order. Specifically, I ordered Snowflake Self Raising Flour as part of my purchase, and it was noticeably missing from the delivery. The pocket tissues was displayed as a pack containing more than one small pack, I was only supplied with one individual pack.

I reported this issue promptly on the 8th of August and was told that a refund would be processed. However, it has now been an unreasonable amount of time, and I have yet to see any sign of a refund or any meaningful effort to resolve this matter.

I must stress that this level of negligence and delay in rectifying such a simple issue is entirely unacceptable from a reputable company like Pick n Pay. As a customer, I expected a much higher standard of service.

I demand immediate action:

Immediate Refund: I insist that you process a refund for the missing and incorrect items without any further delay.

Explanation: I deserve a clear and concise explanation for the extraordinary delay in addressing this issue. Such negligence is inexcusable.

Quality Control: It is essential that Pick n Pay reviews and enhances its quality control procedures for online orders to prevent similar issues from happening in the future. I expect a prompt response to this letter, outlining the steps you will take to resolve this situation.

This is a critical matter, and I trust that Pick n Pay will take it seriously and rectify it immediately. My future as a customer depends on how effectively and swiftly you address this issue.
Incident date: 8 August 2023
12 October 2023
Still not resolved and not refunded
LELANIE BAXTER rated the brand
23 November 2023

Nothing was resolved

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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