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Pick n Pay - Defective item

No resolution
A-Eshah Richards
A-Eshah Richards filed the complaint
25 January 2022
I was on my way to a meeting in Pinelands and stopped at your Howard centre branch as i needed a slip on sandal urgently.
I purchased your wedge PVC thong, 2 pairs. a black one and a white one for R99.99 each.
I wore the white one to my meeting and i was very pleased with the feel and the comfortable walk.
During the December holidays i then wore the black pair, but it kept moving out under my foot. when we inspected the shoe we found that the strap of the sandal is too long hence the reason it walks, and feels different to the white one.
I live Paarl and work at Tygerberg hospital and only go to Pinelands for meetings when required (which is very seldom).
So for this reason i cannot wear the black one at all and i am very disappointed in the defective product.
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Incident date: 9 December 2021
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