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Pick n Pay - Customer service rudeness, humiliating & unprofessional

No resolution
anonymus filed the complaint
25 February 2022
Cashier by the name Sharon at Sunbury Pick n Pay Mall. She is utterly very rude, disrespectful and humiliating unaware customers.

I requested a cash back from Sharon along with my purchase a and she clearly forgot about it, I left the till then on the door to exit the shop I realized I did not get the money. She literally shouted at me and embarrassed me in front of other customers I felt like a NOTHING person. She rolled her eyes and started making sarcastic body language that caught every customer's attention. I do not mean to get her into trouble however she acted like a 5 year old yet she is above her 40's

Please train her or whatever dissatisfaction she has towards her life must not be showcased to loyal Pick n Pay customer. I love Pick n Pay and will continue shopping at Pick n Pay but Sharon really needs a refresher course on manners and customer care.

I was then taken by another kind consultant having seen my embarrassment she acted professionally and assisted me further and even apologized on behalf of Sharon.

I hope Sharon gets retrained for her unbelievable unprofessional act towards a loyal or loyal customers.

Many thanks and kind regards
Incident date: 25 February 2022
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